CNC router TR408 ATC Robot

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TigerTec TR408 ATC Robot is a totally new designed product which is mainly used for wood processing.

* Heavy welded table and gantry are applied in this type for better stability and accuracy without shaking to get 
* Machine is driven by servo driving system for high travelling speed.
* 9kw HSD air cooling spindle Auto Tool Changer(ATC) save tools change time 
*  6/8/12 pieces tool holders for changing the tools easily.
* Optional control system Siemens special version  no need back home to start new files

TR-408 Robot ATC is designed for the high-end market

Woodworking industry: various kinds wood doors, cabinet, and other high-grade furniture processing 3D relief works;
Advertising industry, acrylic, PVC
Advertising sign making; metal process, aluminum, copper and soft metal process.
Technical dataTR408 ATC RobotTR510 ATC RobotTR710 ATC Robot
Working field1300*2500*200mm1500*3000*200mm2000*3000*200mm
Travelling speed75m/min75m/min75m/min
Tool chuckISO30ISO30ISO30
Carousel tool magazine8Pcs or 12Pcs8Pcs or 12Pcs8Pcs or 12Pcs
Linear tool magazine6 Pcs or 8 Pcs6 Pcs or 8 Pcs6 Pcs or 8 Pcs
Powder input380V,3ph,50/60hz380V,3ph,50/60hz380V,3ph,50/60hz
Machine accuracy±0.5mm/m±0.5mm/m±0.5mm/m
Spindle speed0-24000rmp0-24000rmp0-24000rmp
Spindle power9.5kw9.5kw9.5kw
Vacuum pump capacity140cbm/h140cbm/h140cbm/h
Command modeG CodeG CodeG Code
InterfaceInternet or USBInternet or USBInternet or USB
Machine accuracy±0.05mm/m±0.05mm/m±0.05mm/m
SoftwareType3, Vectric, AsprieType3, Vectric, AsprieType3, Vectric, Asprie
Net weight3500Kgs4500Kgs5000Kgs
Floor space(LXDXH)2500*4200*2200mm2800*4800*2200mm3300*4800*2200mm
Shipping dimensions(LXDXH)2240*5000*2000MM2240*5600*2140mm2240*5600*2140mm

Lubrication System: Manual Lubrication System, auto Lubrication System

Software: TYPE 3 Router 8, Ucancam V10

Dust Collector: * 2.2Kw, 380V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz

                              * 2.0Kw, 220V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz

    * 2.0Kw, 220V, single phase, 50/60Hz

Vacuum Pump: Becker vacuum pump, Chinese vacuum pump

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